About Us

Onstyle Sports, Sialkot- Pakistan was established since 1938 by Mr. Faqir Mohammad (Late) He was the founder of this Company. In early years, the Company was involved in making Components and Accessories of Sports Goods, Martial Arts Uniforms & Musical Instruments.

 Onstyle Sports makes available to its customers a large variety of Sporting Goods, Fitness Equipments & Highlandwears of international quality and of renowned world brands as well.

It is a leader in Sports Goods in Pakistan having a very strong image and reputation in the Industry. Onstyle Sports makes available to its Customers a large variety of sporting goods, health & fitness equipment of international quality and of renowned world brands as well.


Throughout years Onstyle Sports has been Manufacturing Sports Goods, Fitness & Highland wear our company has accumulated an enormous amount of skill, expertise and knowledge. 

The proficiency of Onstyle R&D department, combined with state of the art manufacturing procedures, makes it possible for Onstyle constantly provide new, innovative and unsurpassed products.



Mission to provide Quality Sports Goods, Fitness and Lifestyle Products which are value for money for consumers.